Once more, with feeling

Imagine the evening news meets Flight of the Conchords in a project mapping an effusion of feeling onto the flattened affect of reporters and politicians. YouTube video art sensation “Auto-Tune the News” moves an irrepressible infectious sincerity through the surface screens of propaganda and irony which are so often proper to politics. Let’s feel it.

Auto-Tune the News #2: Pirates, Drugs and Gay Marriage


Auto-Tune the News #1: Pentagon Budget Cuts, Economic Woes, March Madness


Flight of the Conchords consider the issues in Episode 2, “Think About It”


  1. Daniel Quiles says:

    The first one, in particular, is amazing.

  2. Daniel Quiles says:

    After watching this like 500 times, my favorite bits are when they simply match the newscast word for word, in this sort of robotic imitation. This is the direct inheritor of Laurie Anderson and “O Superman,” with the vocoder playing the role of Autotune, in which the artist repeatedly mimics the empty phrases of early-80s high-tech life (“Sorry! I’m not home right now! But please leave a message at the sound of the tone…”).

    For me, this may prove the most fruitful legacy of the so-called “Pictures Generation”: not the still picture, but the hegemonic moving image and language of television.

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