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Summer Reading Part 2

Jenny Holzer, "WISH LIST BLACK," detail, 2006

Jenny Holzer, "WISH LIST BLACK," detail, 2006

Continuing with my column from May 27, I’d like to suggest a few more books related to contemporary art education that you may be inspired to buy, borrow or steal this summer (but please, steal from someone who has the book sitting on a shelf waiting to be opened, not from your local library!).

First, Julie Thompson’s suggestion to check out Paulo Freire’s Teachers as Cultural Workers – Letters to Those Who Dare Teach is an excellent one. Thank you, Julie! She also mentioned John Dewey’s Art as Experience, which is must reading if you haven’t already.

Other suggestions include:

Elliot Eisner’s The Arts and the Creation of Mind

Olivia Gude’s article, Postmodern Principles: In Search of a 21st Century Art Education (also a must!)

Anne-Celine Jaeger’s Image Makers, Image Takers: Interviews with Today’s Leading Curators, Editors and Photographers

Please continue to share your ideas for summer reading as we get closer to the official start of the season….


  1. Please don’t encourage people to steal books from me. I’ve already stopped lending them to people as they are often not returned, and whilst I ain’t exactly a book miser – I do even give them away on occasions – a read book becomes a resource, when it comes to writing…. Often what I remember after finishing a book is fragmentary, but enough to enable me to return to the book and find the quote. And if it isn’t there it can be a little frustrating.

    And despite the lack of a conventional gate-keeper, i.e. a real publisher, with a real editor standing by, this is a public forum.

    So, to reiterate, please do not casually encourage people to steal from my collection of painstakingly acquired books.

  2. Joe Fusaro says:

    Hamish, it was just a joke. I wouldn’t encourage people to literally steal from your shelves. In any case, just for the record….

    If you need a book that Hamish has, please come by and steal it from my collection instead.

  3. The books I plan to read this from my book mountain.
    SEEING IS FORGETTING by Robert Irwin
    THE MAGICIAN’S BOOK by Laura Miller

    I also hope to finish some regular novels, books on ship wrecks and chimpanzee abuse from my own work. Wish me luck!

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