What's Cookin': The Art21ndex

What’s Cookin at the Art21 Blog: A Weekly Index

Detail of Cookin by Greg Brown of Whitney Hopter Graphics

Detail of "Cookin" by Greg Brown of Whitney Hopter Graphics

Hungry for some art? You haven’t missed out. It’s been marinating here all week! For your dining pleasure, stay awhile, there’s always something to share at this table.

In Flash Points:

  • Does art expand our ability to imagine? Guest blogger, Adrian Duran, says “Yes, but no, but yeah, but…” and Jonathan Munar, in his new column, “Art 2.1: Creating on the Social Web,” explores the possibilities of virtual worlds, with some compelling insight from the writer and producer of the documentary, Second Skin, Victor Pinero. Stay plugged for Part II of this interview next week!

Hey, are you into vintage? Check out this week’s BOMB contribution, a 2002 interview with Constant, first published in Issue 91 (1995). Cao Fei inspires aesthetic connections…

Step Inside the Artists Studio : Georgia Kotretsos talks with Brooklyn – based artist Jason Peters.

Adrian Duran, currently in  St. Louis Missouri, asks the question: What is the value of approximation in relationship to curating?

Jonathan Munar kicks off the weekend with a new Art21 Video Exclusive featuring Laylah Ali.