Play Art Loud: DIY Videos on ArtBabble

Ever wanted to make a movie? This week we’re looking at DIY-style videos on ArtBabble, pulling together a potpourri of all things homemade, rough, and celebratory of the do-it-yourself attitude (adding a few of our own videos to the mix).

Paul McCarthy let’s his freak flag fly with this excerpt from the video installation Caribbean Pirates (2005). (via Art21)

The reigning king of DIY-style videos, Michel Gondry, explains it all in this conversation with Anthony Breznican (via Hammer)

Mark Bradford lent us some of his home movies! (again) Mark Bradford lent us some of his home movies! (via Art21)

Grab a towel cause this is a wet one! Oliver Herring tapes Davis Thompson-Moss and his brother spitting & wrestling. (via Art21)

Australian artist Tony Schwensen has some tips for the kids on how to document performance art. (via MCASD)

Not to be outdone by the boys, Pipilotti Rist pours her body out in MoMA’s atrium. (via MoMA)

Do you love VH1’s I love the 80s as much as we do? Here’s a spoof that takes on the ancient world. (via IMA)

And no DIY mix would be complete without a PARADE! (via IMA)