Art21 Access ’09 Happenings | Wednesday, October 7


A record 58 screenings are taking place today! For complete details on venues and programs, visit

Wednesday, October 7

11:00am Department of Art & Art History (Fantasy)
12:00pm Austin Museum of Art (Fantasy)
12:00pm Knoxville Museum of Art (Compassion<)
12:00pm Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Inst. (Fantasy)
12:00pm Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Systems)
12:00pm Visual Arts Dept. Emory University (Fantasy)
12:30pm University of Oklahoma School of Art & Art History (Fantasy)
2:00pm Baytown Branch YMCA (Systems)
2:00pm Cross Island YMCA (Fantasy)
2:00pm East Valley Branch YMCA (Systems)
2:00pm Harbordale YMCA (Compassion)
2:00pm Lee County YMCA (Systems)
2:00pm Navarre Branch YMCA (Fantasy)
2:00pm Thomas Davis Family Branch YMCA (Compassion)
2:00pm Tri-Lakes Family YMCA (Fantasy)
2:30pm Michigan Art Education Association (Fantasy)
3:00pm Hollidaysburg Area YMCA (Systems)
3:00pm Chain of Lakes YMCA (Systems)
3:00pm Edwin W. Brown Branch (Compassion)
3:00pm North Mobile Branch YMCA (Fantasy)
3:00pm Northeast Family YMCA (Fantasy)
3:00pm Northwest Family Branch YMCA (Systems)
3:00pm Ott Branch YMCA (Fantasy)
3:00pm Putnam County Family YMCA (Fantasy)
3:00pm Ridley Area Branch YMCA (Fantasy)
3:00pm South Shore Mill Pond Branch YMCA (Compassion)
3:00pm Tri-Valley Branch YMCA (Systems)
3:00pm Valdosta-Lowndes County YMCA (Systems)
4:00pm Alpha Community Services YMCA (Systems)
4:00pm Ottawa Carleton District School Board, Adult High School (Transformation)
4:00pm San Gabriel Valley YMCA (Systems)
4:00pm Thomson Family YMCA (Systems)
4:00pm University of Texas at Austin (Transformation)
4:00pm Visual Arts Dept. Emory University (Fantasy)
4:00pm Winston Lake Family YMCA (Systems)
5:00pm BFS Department of ART (Transformation)
6:00pm Art Dept. California State University Sacramento (Compassion)
6:00pm Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (Fantasy)
6:00pm Grand Traverse Bay YMCA (Compassion)
6:00pm Mansfield Arts & Education Center (Systems)
6:00pm Ramay JHS – Fayetteville Public Schools (Fantasy)
6:00pm Westside Fmily WMCA (Systems)
6:30pm Colby College Museum of Art (Compassion)
7:00pm Dalhouse Art Gallery (Compassion)
7:00pm Dalhousie Art Gallery (Compassion)
7:00pm Kresge Art Museum (Systems)
7:00pm Longwood University (Compassion)
7:00pm LynnArts, Inc. (Fantasy)
7:00pm Millersville University: South Central Partners (Systems)
7:00pm Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus (Compassion)
7:00pm Radford University (Transformation)
7:00pm St. Mary’s School (Fantasy)
7:00pm YMCA of Barium Springs (Compassion)
7:15pm Mills College (Transformation)
7:30pm Colby College Museum of Art (Fantasy)
8:00pm Appendix Project Space (Compassion)
9:00pm Appendix Project Space (Systems)
9:00pm Northern Illinois University, School of Art (Compassion)