Art21 Access ’09 Happenings | Thursday, October 8


Even more screenings (65 to be exact) are taking place today! For complete details on venues and programs, visit

Thursday, October 8
11:30am University of Memphis (Fantasy)
12:00pm Austin Museum of Art (Systems)
12:00pm Iowa Wesleyan College (Transformation)
12:30pm Kingston High School Art Department (Compassion)
1:30pm YMCA at Schilling Farms (Transformation)
2:00pm Audubon Branch YMCA (Compassion)
2:00pm Bogalusa YMCA (Compassion)
2:00pm Lebanon Valley Family YMCA (Fantasy)
2:00pm McCormick Tribune YMCA in Logan Square (Systems)
2:00pm Rocky Run YMCA (Transformation)
2:00pm The Center for Arts and Humanities (Systems)
2:00pm Valley-Shore YMCA (Fantasy)
2:00pm YMCA of Central Kentucky (Compassion)
2:00pm YMCA of Fanwood-Scotch Plains (Fantasy)
2:00pm YMCA of Newburgh (Fantasy)
2:00pm YMCA of Superior California (Compassion)
3:00pm Ambler Area Branch YMCA (Fantasy)
3:00pm Fountain Valley YMCA (Compassion)
3:00pm Hanover Area YMCA (Systems)
3:00pm Harrison Family YMCA (Systems)
3:00pm Houston Texans YMCA (Systems)
3:00pm Northwest YMCA Pima County Community Ctr (Fantasy)
3:00pm Quincy YMCA (Systems)
3:00pm RC Durr Family YMCA (Fantasy)
3:00pm South Side YMCA (Compassion)
3:00pm John C. Cudahy YMCA (Fantasy)
3:30pm RIT (Systems)
4:00pm East Orange Branch YMCA (Fantasy)
4:00pm YMCA of Greater Nashua (Systems)
4:30pm The Art Institute of Chicago (Fantasy)
5:00pm SITE Santa Fe (Fantasy & Systems)
5:30pm Salina Art Center / Art Center Cinema (Compassion)
6:00pm Lohse Family Branch YMCA (Compassion)
6:00pm Butler YMCA (Systems)
6:00pm Clear Channel House Family Branch (Fantasy)
6:00pm Cocoa YMCA Family Center at Brevard Community College (Fantasy)
6:00pm Columbus Museum of Art (Compassion)
6:00pm Fort Bend Branch YMCA (Systems)
6:00pm Guiderland YMCA (Systems)
6:00pm Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania (Transformation)
6:00pm M.D. Anderson Branch YMCA (Fantasy)
6:00pm Madison Museum of Fine Art (Fantasy)
6:00pm Morean Arts Center (Transformation)
6:00pm North Valley Family YMCA at Porter Ranch (Compassion)
6:00pm Palmer Museum of Art (Compassion)
6:00pm Stuart C. Gildred (Fantasy)
6:00pm YMCA at White Rock (Compassion)
6:00pm YMCA of Bristol (Compassion)
6:00pm The Peoria Art Guild (Systems)
6:30pm Canyon Ridge High School (Compassion)
6:30pm Cleveland Young Arts Professionals Network (Fantasy)
6:30pm Louisiana State University at Alexandria (Transformation)
6:30pm Lux Art Institute (Fantasy)
6:30pm Wiljax Photographic Design (Transformation)
6:30pm Museum of Art (Transformation)
7:00pm Arcadia University – AAFA – Student Art Organization (Compassion)
7:00pm Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (Fantasy)
7:00pm Dennos Museum Center (Fantasy)
7:00pm K Space Contemporary (Transformation)
7:00pm Memorial Art Gallery (Compassion)
7:00pm Norton Museum of Art (Transformation)
7:30pm Morean Arts Center (Transformation)
8:00pm Texas Tech University’s School of Art (Compassion)
8:00pm Lux Art Institute (Transformation)
8:30pm Montserrat College of Art (Fantasy)