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What’s Cookin at the Art21 Blog: A Weekly Index


Jack Kerouac pictured with his novel, "On the Road." Courtesy of Gerry Nicosia via Atlantic Community Blog.

Art21 is traveling with you! There are 58 Access ’09 Happenings this weekend! To find an event near you visit this site. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support—we are excited too!

  • The first Season 5 episode of Art:21, Compassion, premiered this past Wednesday on PBS! If you missed this episode, never fear —Art21 is still here and online, streaming full episodes of Season 5 for a limited time on the PBS video portal, the day after each episode is aired. Episodes will also be available for download via iTunes (link opens in iTunes).
  • Stay tuned for next week, October 14th, the Season 5 episode Fantasy will be broadcsst on PBS at 10:00pm (ET). Be sure to check your local listings. If you happened to miss the Art21 Blog Flash Points topic revolving around Fantasy, visit this link.
  • Do you collect cultural artifacts? Bryce Dwyer, in his post Public Collectors, writes about a project run by Marc Fischer in Chicago. It began with the notion that there are all sorts of things that libraries, museums, and other institutions that store cultural objects don’t incorporate into their own collections….
  • Bryce also interviewed Urban Homestead and a few of its past residents. Check it out here.
  • Extra Extra! Watch all about it! Check out this week’s Art21 Video ExclusiveJosiah McElheny | History & Originality