New guest blogger: Nicole Sansone

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Thanks to Maria Stenina for her fabulous posts. Up next is Nicole Sansone, an arts writer and yoga instructor based outside of New York City. She is a contributor for “The Norwalk Beat,” “Visual Overture Magazine,” and the blog, a hybrid real life/Second Life art project which exhibited this past August at Jack the Pelican Presents gallery in Brooklyn. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in contemporary art with a focus on Cuban new media artists. Nicole’s other interests include design, comedic writing, and vegan cooking. Coming in at just over five feet, she is the size of most fifth graders.

Join Nicole during her time as Art21’s blogger in residence as she takes to the web in search of an answer to the question, “What is the difference between systems and networks?”


  1. Andy Bernard says:

    Who is THIS spicy chimichanga? I haven’t been this excited for something since the five-year reunion of the Here Comes Treble crew. Guest blog away, m’lady. Guest blog away.

    Nard-dogg, OUT.

  2. Clyde says:

    At least in today’s technologically advanced contemporary world, systems and networks are or can be considered one in the same in varied levels. Networks – reference and contain many facets of communications and systems themselves. Networks are powered by circuitory infrastructure, that then only function by ways of electronic and technological communication. The internet, in it’s infancy of the early nineties, no one knew of the internet, but also not even of how long ago it was initially used as a digital network communication between two universities. It was a part of the system of universal networking, but a much smaller smaller scale. Who woulda known?

    Blogs and social sites are all part of a System of Networks. Blogs are being used for what an adviser of mine told me in 2008 were modern day Manifestos. We had just been briefly discussing Dr Theodore Kaczynski’s paper “Industrial Society and Its Future”.

    Now, the word System of course is a much older word and is used in a much broader scale. You can go from your very first Atari game system, to systematic orders, or even several facets of religion that function within ideological systems.

    That’s just my observations on it. Good question for today’s use of terminology at least.

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