Blogalogueing with Kristin Lucas


Leave it to a web artist to push the boundaries in interview formats! Keep reading to experience mine and Kristin Lucas’s systems vs. networks conversation, Twitter style…

Nikksters: How do you define systems and networks? What’s the diff between the two?
ksl2: Systm n Netwrk not easy 2 dstnguish; they r compatibl, multifactd, structurs dependnt on connectvty. Depend on context could mean same thng.
ksl2: a couple more thoughts…
ksl2: Netwrk implies physicality (hardware) and functionality where system is rooted n ideology n abstraction. You “network”, you do not “system”.
ksl2: and…
ksl2: Network can turn off your electricity; System can ruin your credit.
ksl2: System can have Network in place; Network can have an operating System.
ksl2: next question

Nikksters: so are they interchangeable? can systems and networks morph into each other, i.e. systems become networks and vis versa?
ksl2: They can mutate, maybe not into each other like shape shifters or dopple gangers.
ksl2: i think doppleganger might be one word!
ksl2: They can share many of the same characteristics. You have to activate to know the difference sometimes.

Nikksters: Wut systems/networks do u feel u r a part of? Which of these systems and/or networks do u feel u r part of voluntarily/involuntarily?
ksl2: State, bank, service providr, buyr, insurd, account holdr, frequnt travelr progrm, list serv, direct mail target, user group, faq, audience,
ksl2: of public radio, news, music, movi reviews, Internt, news audience, social netwrks, blogs, traind artist, teachr, cat ownr, vegetarian, CSA,
ksl2: political affiliation, fan, family, friends, family-and-friends plan, arts community, patron, gallery, colleagues, nomads, early risers…
ksl2: Some of the best thriving networks don’t have names; in the naming something is lost.
ksl2: Feelings are often mixed about my participation in these relationships. Both inactive and active connections can be felt.
ksl2: Seems one is either ‘on’ or ‘off’ grid. No n between. Activity is activity, small or grand; u r there, Network thrives on yr participation.
ksl2: more coming…
ksl2: Gray area. There is a trade off. To benefit from a system/netwrk, u oftn have 2 involuntarily join othrs. There are concessions that u make.

Nikksters: How do you feel your work interfaces and/or addresses systems and networks?
ksl2: N – is this adequate for response?

Nikksters: do you mean is twitter working?? i’m marking all of these as favorites so they line up one over another
ksl2: Sorry for some reason I just got your updated question now…
ksl2: My art practice involves working from differing vantage points includ those within the system, to define a relationship, to find loop holes.
ksl2: By going through proper channels, I am exposing how the network functions within the system.
ksl2: Refresh led to a philosophical discussion with a judge. Self as node in search of new node, vantage point; Court as feedback system.
ksl2: In Simulcast I used a paper mache satellite dish to scan the netwrk, establish new nodes, find new ways to talk about what is already known.

Nikksters: Do you also feel that systems/networks have an effect on your work? You affect the system/network–does it work both ways?
ksl2: It usually effects you more than you effect it.
ksl2: Systm/netwrk is a medium, and a sculptural process – th results of whch r unpredictabl bcuz th underlyng structur an participnts may change.
ksl2: It is n my natur to be restless, to feel alive. This is what attracts me to systems/networks. Change is my lifeblood.
ksl2: You could say it is a givng medium, 2 givng at times.

Nikksters: Well, do you have any other things you’d like to say about networks v. systems? Bc otherwise I’m set!
ksl2: This was pretty fun. What if I think about it and send a tweet if I have another thing to add for clarification.

Nikksters: Cool! So before we go, can you just xplain how you know our next artist, Lee Montgomery?
ksl2: Lee is a member of neighborhood public radio (npr). I spread an independnt media virus ovr their airwavs n ran a triag clinic at th station.
ksl2: It wasn’t pretty. Lee was infected too.
ksl2: But there were benevolent and malevolent sides to the virus 🙂

Nikksters: positives & negatives to most everything. it’s the nature of the beast. thx 4 joining us, kristin, & keep us posted on future projs!
ksl2: Okay, will do. Important questions.Blog