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ETeam Reflections…


In case you didn’t notice, ETeam did a pretty good job of turning the tables on me. It would seem that systems and networks are tricky and unpredictable that way…

ETeam’s take on systems and networks was a fairly big departure from that of EcoArtTech‘s. EcoArtTech seemed to accept the role of systems and networks and try to use it to their advantage, while ETeam gave me the impression that they were still in the process of learning about systems…Almost as if there were too many systems yet to be discovered for them to really make any definitive statements about through their work.

It was also interesting to note how much consideration was given to time in relation to our discussion of systems and networks. ETeam placed a particular emphasis on how time was the key to entering new systems, whereas EcoArtTech’s approach seemed to be more that systems and networks were thrusted upon you. I don’t know if EcoArtTech would agree or disagree with ETeam’s position, but I thought it important to note how each artistic duo considered systems/networks differently right out of the gate.

I feel as though the spectrum for answers on the great systems vs. networks debate has been opened up with this last conversation. I wonder where Kristin Lucas will fall in next…

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