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What’s Cookin at the Art21 Blog: A Weekly Index


"Hearting Art21" Source: The Pit (a blog), 10-29-09

  • A letter from Susan Sollins, Executive Director of Art21. Please support Art21’s many educational endeavors and donate to the 2009 Annual Fund
  • Soccer. It’s a passionate and public sport that is made for and by the fans. For Yolana Sousa Kammermeier, it is also subject for her art.
  • Around the world, one click at a time | William Gedney’s photographs have the power.
  • …An upside down glass house, a floral puppy, fused bicycles and an empty white shoe box, a TV-inspired installation, two exhibitions focusing on American society, a few year-end lists, and an artist just two years shy of a century –Nicole Rounds Them Up!
  • Ethics of Conservation and the Organization of Attention…“The most radical art today is not an art that rejects history and rejects the kind of layers of history; but actually the most radical art today is about preservation. And so actually the most shocking thing you can do today is protect something.” For more, check out Richard McCoy’s interview with the artist Jorge Otero-Pailos.
  • Art21”Exclusive” Video, Year 2. What a year it’s been! We’re taking a look back at the 42 Exclusive videos that have premiered.
  • Teaching with Contemporary Art | Time to Talk. The power of conversation has the ability to facilitate a student’s course on their artmaking journey.
  • FLASH! POINT & CLICK! Flash Points Editor Rachel Craft interviewed David R. Collens, Director and Curator of Storm King Art Center, about the institution’s focus on the relationship between art and nature.
  • Lucie Rie | A ceramicist with a story to tell. Additional info here.
  • Triangle Met | Angular visions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection database.