Art21 Guest Blog Year 2

This being the last week of 2009, it is time for our annual year in review. 2 weeks ago, we gave you a sneak preview with a guide to our second year of Art21 Exclusives. For the rest of the week, we’ll be bringing you our top picks for the year – from within the pages of this blog to real life—in exhibitions and the like around the world—courtesy of our well-traveled and art-inundated writers. But first, we kick off this week with a nod to the year’s roster of incredible guest bloggers, who enriched this site with every post. Click on each writer’s name for an index of all his or her posts. Many thanks to all twenty-six of them for their informative and often entertaining insights! Here’s to the Art21 Guest Blog Class of 2009.

Georgia KotresosDaniel QuilesNaomi BeckwithPaul SchmelzerAudrey ChanTim RidlenLila KannerNicholas O'BrienJulia SteinmetzKemi IlesanmiVictoria LichtendorfThomas MicchelliSharon ButlerJohn D'AddarioAdrian DuranDaniel FullerQuinn LatimerDehlia HannahMax WeintraubBryce DwyerNathan Townes-AndersonKelly HuangMaria SteninaNicole SansoneKelly RakowskiNova Benway

Interested in guest blogging for Art21 in 2010? Email a letter of interest, 2 writing samples, and relevant links by January 15, 2010 to blog [at] art21 [dot] org.

Georgia KotresosGeorgia Kotresos, Artist & Writer, Athens, Greece
January 5-16




Daniel Quiles Daniel Quiles, Professor of Art History, Chicago
January 19-30




Naomi Beckwith Naomi Beckwith, Curator, New York City
February 2-13




Paul Schmelzer Paul Schmelzer, Writer, Minneapolis
February 23 – March 1




Audrey Chan Audrey Chan, Artist, Los Angeles
March 2-13




Tim Ridlen Tim Ridlen, Artist & Writer, New York City
March 16-27




Lila Kanner Lila Kanner, Arts Administrator, New York City
March 30 – April 10




Nicholas O'Brien Nicholas O’Brien, Artist, Chicago
April 13-24




Julia Steinmetz Julia Steinmetz, PhD Candidate, New York City
April 27 – May 8




Kemi Ilesanmi Kemi Ilesanmi, Arts Administrator, New York City
May 11-22




Victoria Lichtendorf Victoria Lichtendorf, Educator, Atlanta
May 25 – June 5




Thomas Micchelli Thomas Micchelli, Writer & Critic, New York City
June 8-19




Sharon Butler Sharon Butler, Painter, Writer, & Professor of Art, Connecticut
June 22 – July 3




John D'Addario John d’Addario, Writer, Photographer, Curator, & Educator, New Orleans
July 6-17



Adrian Duran Adrian Duran, Professor of Art History, Memphis
July 20-31




Daniel Fuller Daniel Fuller, Arts Administrator, Philadelphia
August 3-14




Quinn Latimer Quinn Latimer, Writer, Basel, Switzerland
August 17-28




Dehlia Hannah Dehlia Hannah, PhD Candidate, New York City
August 31 – September 11




Max Weintraub Max Weintraub, Curator & Writer, New York City
September 14-25




Bryce Dwyer Bryce Dwyer, Arts Administrator & Master’s Candidate, Chicago
September 28 – October 9



Nathan Townes-Anderson Nathan Townes-Anderson, Artist & Educator, Ithaca, NY
October 12-23




Kelly Huang Kelly Huang, Arts Administrator, San Francisco
October 26 – November 6




Maria Stenina Maria Stenina, Writer & Designer, New York City
November 9-22




Nicole Sansone Nicole Sansone, Writer, New York City
November 23 – December 6




Kelly Rakowski Kelly Rakowski, Designer & Blogger, Nothing is New, New York City
December 7-20



Nova Benway Nova Benway, Curator & Master’s Candidate, New York City
December 21, 2009 – January 3, 2010