New guest blogger: Nettrice Gaskins

Thanks to Baseera Khan for her thoughtful posts. Follow her work back on her own site, Up next is Nettrice Gaskins. A regular writer for Art 2.1, Nettrice is an artist and educator who bridges the actual and virtual worlds and explores how these realities can have a transformative impact on people’s lives and experiences when it can be fully implemented and realized. Her purpose is to bring together people, concepts, modalities, media, and worlds through art. In Fall 2010, she will join a vibrant community of practitioner/theorists in the Digital Media PhD program at Georgia Tech as a student and teacher.  Follow Nettrice’s blogs to explore writings on new media art and art in the classroom.


  1. Nettrice Gaskins says:

    Thanks again for this opportunity. This time around I am bringing my human-driven avatar with me since many of the artists I’ve interviewed have only seen my virtual self. Of course this brings up some interesting issues around ambiguity of identity that results from the fact that our bodily presence in the virtual world is mediated by a digital representation. Personal identity can be a very complex construction…more on this soon!

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