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Call for Writers: New Flash Points Topic

Uta Barth, "Sundial (07.8)," 2007. Courtesy of Alison Jacques Gallery.

Our new Flash Points topic, Art and Experience, will be launching soon and we’re inviting you to participate!  If this sounds good to you, read on:

We each have our own individualized perspectives which inform how we approach a given situation, and the viewing of art is no exception.  As John Dewey stated, “To perceive a beholder must create his own experience….The beholder must go through these operations according to his point of view and interest.”  In this series, we’ll explore the different ways that we as individuals experience art, and how this process is approached by both artists and institutions.

A few of the questions we’ll focus on include:

  • How do we experience art?
  • How do our backgrounds influence the art viewing experience?
  • Do art education programs accommodate different modes of learning?
  • How are contemporary artists utilizing multi-sensory experiences?
  • How do institutions approach the idea of visitor experience?
  • Does contemporary art push our boundaries of perception?

We are eager to hear from a range of perspectives, including those of you who work as artists, arts professionals, students, art educators, funders, organizers, and academics. Propose a Flash Points blog post related to the above topic and have a chance to be featured on this site. Email ideas and pitches to blog [at] art21 [dot] org.


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