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Video above: Jeff Koons: Money & Value

Donate Today!
The 100 x 100 Exclusive campaign has only 18 days left! Since last week we’ve added five new donors, leaving us 36 spaces to fill on our 100-name donor list. You can help us out by adding your name to those below:

100 x 100 Exclusive contributors (as of Friday, June 25, 2010):

Leah Abraha
Anonymous (1)
Louise Audell
Nelli Bespalova
Mike and Kim Buchheit
Jeffrey Bussmann
Maria Providencia Casanovas
Erin Cesta
Sandra Chism
Christina Cosio
Zoe Evamy
Margaret Floryan
Robert Fogel
Damian Franco
Rebecca Fulmer
Sheila Gaddie
Kimberly A. Goldberg
Donelle Gregory
Jennifer Hallam
Lee Harrop
Angela Canada Hopkins
Sandi Howell
Image, Inc.
Jimmi Iversen
Cat Ivins (Olive Bites Studio)
Laurie Jackson
Tim Jackson
Lisa Junkin
Stephen Karnes
Gay Fay Kelly
Gwendolyn Kelly
Julia Kirt
Meredith Kuntzsch
Majorie Levy
Geraldo Lima
Bette Linderman
Stacy Lord
Tiona M.
Janice McDonald
Reiko Michisaki
Wade Mickley
Leslie Miller
Stephen Millner
Carlos e Miyares
Michael D. Murphy
Andres Felipe Castelblanco Olaya
Sandy Olson
Rachelle Omenson
Lynn Robb
Vanesa Roman
Jeanne Rundell
Don and Marcia S.
Mark Sandelson
Sondra Sherman
Kathleen Song
Robin Søsted
Janice Walden
Stephanie Walczak
David Westrop
Rodney Wilhite
Wendy Willis
Amy Yang
Leila Zogby

Give any amount and help ensure that Exclusive videos keep coming! From a sneak peek at Mike Kelley’s filing system to a guided inside tour of Jeff Koons’ studio to a trip to London to see Yinka Shonibare’s Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle — your support helps Art21 provide unprecedented access to contemporary art today. Thank you to all who have supported the 100 x 100 Exclusive campaign!