New guest blogger: Lincoln Hancock

Thanks to Paige Johnston for walking us through her recent travels in the Netherlands. Look out for more from her in the coming weeks.

Up next is Lincoln Hancock. Lincoln is an artist, designer, and musician with a background in philosophy and a Master’s degree in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University. Since graduating in May, Lincoln has been engaged in a series of collaborative projects running the gamut from interactive installation to formal exhibition design to writing music with a new rock group. His critical interests concern the intersection of processes, motivations, and outcomes in music, art and design; art as a social practice; and generally, the nature of cognition and aesthetic experience. He is currently prepping a video piece that will be installed in Block2, a street-level exhibition space sponsored by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission, in August. Additionally, a solo exhibition of his recent paintings and photo-based work is on display through July at 311 W. Martin St. Galleries in downtown Raleigh, NC.