New guest blogger: Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin

Photo: AnnMarie Wesolowski

Thanks to Thom Donovan for his excellent exhibition and artists’ books reviews, and interview with the fascinating Primary Information. Follow his writing and projects back on his own site here.

Up next is Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin. Since graduating from Harvard College in History of Art and Architecture and Italian Studies in 2008, Stefan has been working in Montreal at the Canadian Centre for Architecture as a research assistant. Currently, he is gearing up to begin his MA in Art History at The Courtauld Institute in London in 2010-2011. He continues to fuel his interest in contemporary art by attending exhibits wherever he goes (which included a recent extended jaunt to Australia). Committed to a career in the arts, Stefan has written reviews for the magazines Canadian Art, Espace Sculpture, and Vie des Arts, and has been writing regularly for The ArtBlog for over a year now. He enjoys sharing his passion for the arts in an intelligent, thoughtful, and accessible way. He also writes his own blog, where he reflects on art, fashion, yoga and cooking and shares philosophies, poetry, photos and moments of inspiration.

To this, Stefan adds:

In writing for the Art21 Blog, I hoped to create a portrait of my native Montreal as a centre of artistic production. Through eight interviews under the theme of Tradition and Technology, a variegated landscape of creative processes will unfold. Finally, I will end with a piece bringing together all the different artists’ thoughts about Montreal and how it is as an artistic centre.


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