Weekly Roundup

John Feodorov

John Feodorov, "Emergence 3," 2010. Courtesy the artist.

Highlights in this week’s roundup: Mark Dion speaks about public art partnership, Gabriel Orozco is inside out, an exclusive Cindy Sherman documentary film can be viewed for free online, and more.

  • Mark Dion will be among the first visiting artists invited to create on-site art and give a public lecture at the University of Arkansas.  Dion will help the university increase the amount of public art on campus. Dion was a unanimous top choice of the public art committee volunteers.
  • Guest of Cindy Sherman, a critically acclaimed documentary about the elusive Cindy Sherman, provides a unique insight into the 90s art scene, including a candid look at the culture of celebrity among contemporary artists and a bittersweet love story between Sherman and former lover, Paul H-O.  The feature-length film is available to stream for free via Babelgum.com.


  • Hiroshi Sugimoto, whose photo collection of architecture as symbolic of power and wealth is currently on view as part of a long-touring exhibition Counter Photography: Japan’s Artists Today, has made a stop at the Qatar Photographic Society.
  • John Feodorov, whose work addresses issues of consumerism, the environment, and identity will soon be on view in Emergence: John Feodorov. With Emergence, Feodorov explores the BP oil spill and delves deeper into broader issues concerning our connection and disconnection to the natural world, identity, and place.  This exhibition will be on view January 15 – March 21, 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts.