Weekly Roundup

Oliver Herring

Oliver Herring, " Seniors: Center Stage," 2010. Production still. Photo courtesy of the artist.

In this week’s roundup, Oliver Herring brings senior citizens center stage, Cindy Sherman shows us her favorites, Matthew Ritchie celebrates MIT’s anniversary, Susan Rothenberg straddles divide,s and more.

  • Oliver Herring‘s Seniors: Center Stage, made its American debut at Goddard House in Wocerster (MA).  This short art video film was shot at three retirement communities and documents the artist working with a segment of the population that is often overlooked in contemporary art.  The film was created for the Aichi Triennale, in Nagoya, Japan, last year.
  • Cindy Sherman: Works from Friends of the Bruce Museum features works, drawn from ten local, private collections in Greenwich (CT) and the surrounding communities of Cindy Sherman herself.  The exhibit is comprised of 30 artworks, including large-scale black-and-white and color photographs, and features the artist’s favored themes.  The show closes April 23.
  • John Feodorov will be a part of Portland State University’s MFA Lecture Series.  These free public art lectures take place almost every Monday night of the school year. Feodorov’s lecture will be on February 14.
  • Mark Dion visited Portland State University to research the concept of museum. As a result of this activity an exhibition is scheduled to open on May 14, 2010 as part of the Open Engagement conference in Portland, OR.
  • Matthew Ritchie is part of MIT’s 150th anniversary celebration, a three-month festival that showcases groundbreaking projects.  A forum moderated by Professor Caroline A. Jones explored MIT’s artistic culture in the late 1960s, when concepts like cybernetics, systems theory and artificial intelligence were reverberating throughout the art world. Ritchie, a contributor to MIT’s public art collection, was a panelist.
  • Susan Rothenberg debuts at Miami Art Museum in Susan Rothenberg: Moving in Place, an exhibition that straddles the “divide between the figurative and abstract with works depicting animals and humans rendered from odd perspectives, often in midstride.” This selection of 25 canvases spans Rothenberg’s 35-year career. The exhibition is on view until March 6.
  • Vija Celmins: Prints and Works on Paper is at the Senior & Shopmaker Gallery (NY). The exhibition features prints by Vija Celmins such as Star Field, a luminous night sky dense with stars; Amerique, an illusionist recreation of an antique map in color aquatint; and Web 5, a filmy mezzotint of a spider web.  This exhibition closes March 26.