Support the Art21 Blog: Announcing Blog Party!

Blog Party: Support the Art21 Blog

The Art21 Blog is turning four! From our very first post in July 2007, we have grown to a site that houses 2,100 posts and essays by nearly 200 writers, read by over 880,000 fans in over 210 countries and territories.  Help us celebrate!

In preparation for the site’s fourth birthday party, we are taking the next six weeks to raise funds and reach the goal of compensating all of our writers. We hope that you will be able to contribute with gifts of any amount.

How can my donation make a difference?

  • 10 people giving $5 will pay for 1 blog post
  • 10 people giving $10 will pay for a guest blogger’s honorarium
  • 50 people giving $25 will pay for a full issue of our topical Flash Points series (3 months)
  • 100 people giving $25 will pay for a year of guest blogging
  • 100 people giving $25 will pay for a year of the Lives and Works in Berlin column
  • 100 people giving $50 will pay for a year’s worth of Open Enrollment posts written by graduate students
  • A single donation of $600 underwrites an entire column for a year!

Can my donation go to a particular column?
Yes! Whether your favorite posts are published in the Open Enrollment or Teaching with Contemporary Art series or in the columns on the art of London and Los Angeles, your contribution can be tagged for that content area. You may select a specific column upon making your donation.


Thank you for supporting Art21!