Work Smarter, Not Harder [an interview w/Evan Roth]

Evan Roth is a prolific producer whose activities take on many different forms, including teaching, collaborating, engineering, collecting gifs, analyzing graffiti, enriching the public domain, developing tools of empowerment and raising awareness of issues pertaining to the open-web and free speech. His work is most comfortable where the interests of activists, artists, and general web meanderers intersect.

  1. Nettrice says:

    Great post. I’ve been following projects by Evan Roth and artists such as Amir Baradaran (FutARism) who talk about similar issues. Roth with GRL and Baradaran are cleverly using new media art as a form of infiltration (in public spaces and cultural institutions). Once the novelty of some of this work wears off artists and technologists need to address the cross-sections of form and content – in artistic production and beyond.

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  3. Gary M says:

    Great post on Evan Roth! He’s a great producer and a has some amazing projects! 🙂

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