Weekly Roundup

Roni Horn Double Mobious

Roni Horn, "Double Mobius," 2009. Photo: Hermann Feldhaus (c) Roni Horn.

In this week’s roundup, new and permanent exhibitions offset the “dog days of summer” with Louise Bourgeois and Laylah Ali promoting domestic violence awareness, Roni Horn addressing gender issues in gold, and more.

  • Louise Bourgeois and Laylah Ali are among 28 international artists whose works are on view in Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art, a multimedia contemporary art exhibition that promotes awareness and fosters dialogue about violence against women and its effects on victims, families, and communities.  The exhibition is at CDC’s Global Health Odyssey Museum (Atlanta, GA) and closes September 9.
  • Roni Horn is featured in Double Mobius at the Flag Art Foundation (NYC).  The show consists of a selection of works including sculptures, works on paper, photography, and books. Horn’s work addresses issues of gender, identity, and androgyny, while crafting complex relationships between the viewer and her work. The materials she uses reflects her fascination with the mythological and economic significance of gold since her childhood.  This exhibition closes September 2.
  • Robert Ryman‘s Philadelphia Prototype, 2002 is on view in a permanent exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academic of the Fine Arts (Philadelphia).  This work consists of ten buff-colored vinyl sheets attached to the wall with white acrylic paint.  Reducing painting to pure surface – dispensing with a painting’s “objectness” – has been an ongoing goal for Ryman.
  • Barry McGee has New Work at Modern Art Gallery, marking his first solo show in London in three years.  His work draws its inspiration from the influences of tagging, “Mission School” abstraction, vandalism, and the conventions of contemporary painting and sculpture. Here you can see McGee’s signature hand-lettered glyph-like typography echoing the geometry of op-art, with comic-style imagery.  The show closes August 13.