Bound: The Printed Object in Context

New Column! Introducing “Bound: The Printed Object in Context”

We’re pleased to announce our newest column, Bound: The Printed Object in Context, written by “Centerfield” alum Meg Onli. Bound looks at a side of publications that’s rarely discussed: the book’s status as a designed object. The column’s purview includes limited edition art books and artist’s books, along with exhibition catalogues, e-books, and other cultural publications. Meg will post reviews that explore the conceptual aspects of a publication’s design, and she’ll also feature interviews with designers and publishers who are pushing the boundaries of the book form. First up, Meg will look at Municipal de Fútbol, a limited edition publication that, through text, photography, and artists’ lithographs, explores local fútbol leagues in Los Angeles and their impact on the neighborhoods that surround the playing fields. Bound posts on the first Tuesday of each month.

Meg Onli is a artist and writer currently based in Chicago. She is the founder of the website Black Visual Archive, which is dedicated to the documentation of black and post-black visual culture, and is the former Associate Producer of the Chicago-based art and culture podcast/blog, Bad at Sports. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has worked in the printing industry since the age of sixteen. Working primarily within universities, Onli has assisted in the production of numerous small-run artist books, has worked as a senior designer for Oregon State University’s printing department, and is currently employed at Northwestern University, where she overseas the production of printed material for the Alumni Association’s Marketing Department. This winter Meg was selected to participate in the Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Art Writers Workshop. She often purchases books based on their covers.