Open Enrollment

Introducing New Open Enrollment Blogger Sarah Merianos!


We’re pleased to introduce the Art21 Blog’s readers to our newest Open Enrollment writer, Sarah Merianos, who joins the Open Enrollment team for the upcoming Winter/Spring semester. Sarah’s first post appears today; she’ll fill readers in on who she is, what brought her to graduate school, and what she hopes to accomplish there. Welcome, Sarah!

A bit of bio: Sarah Merianos is a 25-year-old Boston transplant, waging her way through Southern California and the Los Angeles freeway system to earn a masters degree in Arts Management at Claremont Graduate University. She holds a B.F.A. in Museum Education from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and has spent the last three summers running a sailing camp for girls. When she’s not thinking about art, she’s probably baking, embroidering, and overusing parenthetical statements. Her heroes are Jenny Holzer, Sol LeWitt, and Steve Locke; she has a cat named Abe Lincoln.




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