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Maya Lin Examines Disappearing Bodies of Water

ML Disappearing Bodies of Water

Maya Lin with a model for her sculpture “Disappearing Bodies of Water: Lake Chad” (2013). Production still from the series Exclusive. © Art21, Inc. 2013. Cinematography by Rafael Salazar Moreno.

“I love the environment. I love the world around us.” —Maya Lin

In today’s Exclusive, filmed in late 2012, Maya Lin discusses her marble sculpture series, Disappearing Bodies of Water, shown in progress at her Manhattan studio. Lin’s collective process of researching, drawing, model making, and mechanized fabrication led to these forms that highlight the erosion of Lake Chad, the Aral Sea, and the Arctic Ice Shelf. As a young woman growing up in Athens, Ohio, Lin staged protests against environmental crimes and cruelties. She continues to be an activist today, using her art to encourage closer examination of the natural world. Watch the film below:


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  2. Delilah Holmes says:

    I found it interesting and admirable how many techniques and stages must be used and passed before Maya’s projects can be finished. From the research and drawing, to the actual execution of model making which gives way to the actual mechanized fabrication of the model, all are important and all must be performed professionally and efficiently. The many skills that go into all that work is quite remarkable and the passion that drives her is contagious. Her love for the environment allows her to take this, some may call tedious work, and transform it into passionate displays of encouragement for people to take an interest in our environment and what’s going on with it. The combination of art, passion, and work really blend well here and a applaud Maya for following her dreams and doing something actively positive with her art.

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