Weekly Roundup

Barbara Kruger, Belief+Doubt, 2012. © Barbara Kruger. Photo: Cathy Carver

Barbara Kruger, Believe + Doubt at Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2013. © Barbara Kruger.

In this week’s roundup Barbara Kruger has a solo, Laylah Ali talks afrofuturism, several artists set their sights on Art Basel Miami Beach, and more.

  • Barbara Kruger’s solo exhibition Believe + Doubt is at the Kunsthaus Bregenz (Bregenz, Austria). Alongside her 1980s photo collages and a 2004 four-channel video, Kruger is showing new works specially conceived for Kunsthaus’s unique space. Closes January 12, 2014.
  • Diana Al-Hadid’s large-scale sculpture Nolli’s Orders is on view at the Akron Art Museum (Akron, OH) through March 16, 2014. The sculpture’s title refers to the eighteenth century Italian architect and surveyor Giambattista Nolli, who is known for the iconic map of Rome that he completed in 1748. Nolli’s Orders is featured in Art21’s New York Close Up film Diana Al-Hadid’s Studio Boom.
  • Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case, a feature-length documentary by Danish director Andreas Johnsen, recently premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Netherlands). The film focuses on a legal tussle between the authorities and Fake, Ai Weiwei’s company, over an alleged $2.5 million tax evasion.
  • Laylah Ali, whose black-and-white Typology Series is featured in the afrofuturist exhibition The Shadows Took Shape at the Studio Museum in Harlem was interviewed by Gary Pini for Paper magazine. “Certainly being African American or having brown skin is one lens that I look at things through,” Ali told Pini. “But I don’t think I have a very idealistic idea of the future.”
  • KIMSOOJA Unfolding, on view at Vancouver Art Gallery, is the first exhibition to survey Kimsooja’s thirty-year career. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to trace the development of the artist’s practice. Closes January 26, 2014. A video about the exhibition is available online.

Art21 artists at Art Basel Miami Beach, December 5-8, 2013:

  • Do Ho Suh’s polyester fabric sculpture Stove, from his ongoing series Specimen Series: 348 West 22nd Street, Apt. A, New York, NY 10011, USA, will be presented by Lehmann Maupin gallery in booth K-15.