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Gabriel Orozco at Dallas Museum of Art

Gabriel Orozco, <i>The Inner Circles of the Wall</i>, 1999. Plaster and pencil, dimensions variable.   Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Chantal Crousel. Photo credit: Florian Kleinefenn.

The Dallas Museum of Art presently hosts an installation by Season 2 artist Gabriel Orozco. Gabriel Orozco: Inner Circles of the Wall premieres one of his sculptural installations from 1999. Orozco, who uses multiple media including installation, photography, video and sculpture, has a keen interest in geometry. The exhibition highlights the circle motif that recurs throughout the artist’s work in both literal and compositional forms.

Orozco is known for blurring the boundaries between the conceptual and the formal, suggesting complex systems and ideas that re-imagine everyday objects and images. He has been extremely influential on a younger generation of artists in Mexico and internationally.

For the Dallas installation, Orozco had masons cut a plaster wall in his Paris gallery into numerous parts. He then drew precise graphite circles that just touch the irregular edges of these pieces, and then placed the pieces on the gallery floor and against the walls. Inner Circles of the Wall suggests the here and now of bare matter, as well as the beauty of the infinite realms of a perfect and perfectly logical geometry.

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