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Last Day: Susan Rothenberg in Athens

Susan Rothenberg, “Lift Off”, 2007. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of Bernier-Eliades Gallery.

An exhibition of paintings by Susan Rothenberg (Season 3) closes today at Bernier-Eliades Gallery in Athens, Greece. Rothenberg’s paintings, through “thickly layered and intense brushwork…depict scenes from everyday life‚Äîeither an unpleasant event or a moment of remembrance. A distinctive element of these works is a tilted perspective which attributes an eerily objective psychological edge.”

Founded over thirty years ago, Bernier-Eliades Gallery has helped introduce Greece to artist currents such as Arte Povera, Minimalism, Land and Conceptual Art, and a generation of American and European contemporary artists. As Rothenberg mentions in her Art21 interview “Gestures,” she lived in Greece for a period during her 20s. Rothenberg is represented locally by Sperone Westwater Gallery, which also offers works by Art21 artists Laurie Simmons, Bruce Nauman, Richard Tuttle and William Wegman.

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