Kiki Smith: Her Home and Wallpaper

Kiki Smith, “Maiden & Moonflower.” 2008. Courtesy Studio Printworks.

Studio Printworks has produced a hand-screened wallpaper in collaboration with Kiki Smith (Season 2). Maiden & Moonflower depicts an evening scene of a woman standing beneath a tree bough inhabited by night creatures and surrounded by stars. The manual production technique calls to mind 14th-century German woodcut patterns, but in Smith’s inimitable drawing style.

Maiden & Moonflower addresses spiritual and eternal aspects of human nature, our connection to the universe, yet our solitary journey. The wallpaper was produced specifically for the artist’s current exhibition Kiki Smith: Her Home at the Museum Haus Esters in Krefeld, Germany. The show runs through August 24 and will travel to Kunsthalle N√ºrnberg from September 18 ‚Äì November 16, 2008.

Thematically, Her Home spans a woman’s life from birth to death. Using domestic existence as a starting point, Kiki Smith revisits her own history rooted in protestant New England. Combining a number of genres and materials, from plaster and porcelain sculpture to drawing and photography, Smith develops a metaphor-rich spectrum of lifestyles for women beyond marriage.

Kiki Smith, “Miss May 6, 2007.” 2007. Courtesy Pace Wildenstein.

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