Anderson and Walker Among 85 Weirdest

“Weird Tales” March/April issure. Courtesy Weird Tales.

The March/April 85th anniversary issue of Weird Tales magazine is featuring “The 85 Weirdest Storytellers of the Past 85 Years.” Each day since March 26th the Weird Tales website is posting an honoree, in no particular order.

The big list from “the original magazine of the unique, fantastic, and bizarre” was compiled from magazine advisors and readers, who were asked to not limit their suggestions to just fiction writers, but also filmmakers, songwriters, cartoonists, and more. The 85 include among them David Bowie, William S. Burroughs, Salvador Dali, Franz Kafka, Wim Wenders, and Art21 artists Laurie Anderson (Season 1) and Kara Walker (Season 2).

For the entire list, pick up an issue or visit the Weird Tales website.