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Artist iGoogle Museum

Two weeks ago, you might have noticed Jeff Koons’ giant metallic tulips decorating your Google homepage. The search engine giant invited international artists and innovators to create custom page layouts to introduce new iGoogle themes. Users can choose from Jeff Koons, Todd Oldham, Beasties, and more to decorate their iGoogle homepage for free, and the layouts change throughout the day. Apparently the geniuses at Google also launched iGoogle ArtCafes with exhibitions in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills and blog. Virtual Japanese retailer zozo then launched an Artist iGoogle Museum. Rather than paying each artist, Google made donations to charity. My iGoogle homepage is currently set to ‘Shepard Fairey,’ who is having his first major museum show of early stencils, guerilla street art campaigns and new work at The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston in February 2009. Find out what really happens when great art mixes with the Google homepage.

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