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Recently I’ve noticed a huge change in my art-going habits. I’m much more likely to spend time looking at/thinking about art online than I am to step foot inside traditional exhibition spaces like museums or galleries. I blame this entirely on a handful of amazing art websites that have cropped up in recent years. When I’m not busy posting to my own blog I’m likely poking around these sites; they’re what I consider the best of the best of the web:

VVORK is a contemporary art blog run by artists Aleksandra Domanovic, Oliver Laric, Christoph Priglinger, and Georg Schnitzer. They are thoughtful curators, known for their conceptual leanings and ability to unearth notable and little-known artists from all corners of the world. The breadth of work covered and pace at which the blog is updated makes it always an amazing visit.

RHIZOME is the place to engage with everything interesting at the intersection of art and technology. Their blog is staffed by a handful of incisive writers whose viewpoints and taste I have really come to admire.

UBUWEB is an exhaustive archive of visual, auditory, and textual delight founded by poet Kenneth Goldsmith. It’s an art historical avalanche of the avant-garde (and beyond) with highlights including their film + video collection, anthology of conceptual writing, and archive of aspen magazine. Warning: you’ll lose hours of your life here.

WE MAKE MONEY NOT ART features interviews and reviews focused on contemporary art, design, and technology with just the right combination of smart and sass.

WORDS WITHOUT PICTURES has done wonders for the discourse of contemporary photography. It’s a year-long project started by LACMA photo curator Charlotte Cotton with a simple but effective idea. Each month a new essay is posted on the site, sparking discussion (both online and offline), and leaving you with the satisfying feeling that there are always fresh ways to think about a medium that’s been kicking around since 1839.

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