Teaching with Contemporary Art

Celebrating Four Months…


Looking back, the Teaching With Contemporary Art column is off to an exciting beginning in our first four months. Since early May, we have had the opportunity to feature writing that focuses on topics such as:

  • – Bringing Season 4 artists meaningfully into the classroom.
  • – The difference between teaching students about making art vs. engaging with and discussing contemporary art.
  • – Allora and Calzadilla in the classroom.
  • – Mark Dion in the classroom.
  • – Robert Ryman in the classroom.
  • – Laurie Simmons in the classroom.
  • – The Billy Joels of art education (although one passionate Billy Joel fan took issue with my analogy…).
  • – Summer exhibits and best bets to check out, including Henry Moore at the New York Botanical Garden, Louise Bourgeois at the Guggenheim, SITE Santa Fe’s Biennial, Jeff Koons at the Chicago MCA, Martin Puryear in Washington DC and The Cinema Effect Part II at the Hirshhorn Museum.
  • – Ways to slow down and recharge for the upcoming school year.

If you’re just returning from summer vacation… welcome back! We have arranged for gas prices to be reduced by a few cents. To celebrate and begin getting ready for the school year, reach back and check out some of the posts in our first four months. Write a comment for some of the posts you find interesting.

Next week: a report on Art Tools for High Schools, the week-long institute for high school teachers at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, where Art21 presented workshops that focused on using our educational materials in the classroom.