Kelley and Pettibon in Political Correct

Raymond Pettibon, “No Title (Stop the War…)”, 1981. India ink and blue crayon on paper. Courtesy BFAS.

On view through October 25, 2008, Blondeau Fine Art Services(BFAS) in Genève, Switzerland presents the exhibition Political Correct. Taking Martin Kippenberger’s 1994 painting Ohne Titel (Political Correct III) as its starting point, the exhibition is comprised of works that might be deemed politically incorrect in content or just “tough to swallow.” Subject matter runs the gamut from war and genocide to sex and nudity, racism, and AIDS.

The 31 artists in the exhibition (mostly American) include Mike Kelley (Season 3), Raymond Pettibon (Season 2), Chris Burden, Sarah Charlesworth, Larry Clark, Michael Cline, Jason Fox, Group Material, Daniel Hesidence, Richard Kern, Edward Kienholz, Louise Lawler, Justin Lieberman, Robert Longo, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jerry Phillips, Charles Ray, Matthew Ronay, Kay Rosen, Martha Rosler, Peter Saul, Stephen Shames, Jim Shaw and Ivan Witenstein, Adel Abdessemed, Maurizio Cattelan, General Idea, Erik van Lieshout , Dominic McGill, Jean-Luc Verna, and Johannes Wohnseifer.

Read the exhibition text by Hudson, from Feature Inc., New York here.