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The link is the lifeblood of any blogger and here are my picks for the week:

>> According to AMNP, Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects hailed parametricism as the great new style after modernism arguing in Venice last week–and I’m simplifying–that fields and not modernism space define this new era (truncated manifesto here);

>> Painter Karin Davie’s hypnotically lush canvases are on display at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut in an exhibition titled Symptomania;

>> In other Connecticut news, Two Coats of Paint lets us know that the Mattatuck Museum is hosting the inaugural Connecticut Biennial, titled Speak to Me until January 11, 2009;

>> A mural grows in Brooklyn at the home of BushwickBK blogger Jeremy Sapienza, who chose to forgo the expensive restoration of his building’s facade in favor of the vibrant mural that reflects both his north Brooklyn neighborhood’s love of murals (here‘s another one) and the newer wave of artists that call Bushwick home (some great pics here);

>> A classic art blog smackdown that involves questions of originality…C-Monster knows there’s something fishy with the LA Times’ new Culture Monster blog. I have to admit that I thought the “C” in her blog title stood for “culture” before I knew her real name (not telling);

>> James Wagner takes a sneak peak at this weekend’s Triangle Arts Workshop‘s Open Studios in DUMBO, Brooklyn and suggests it as a small relief from the general malaise of the current economic crisis;

>> Street artists will be strutting their stuff for Urban Mantra at Chashama’s W44th Street space…included are some interesting sidewalk pieces by Ellis G., plexiglas pieces by Celso, and paintings by Skewville & Infinity; and

>> Finally, one of the most original concepts for communal performance I’ve seen in ages comes via Philly’s ArtBlog, which posts about the Philadelphia Complaint Choir, “a homemade Philly choir (no experience necessary) that performs a song created from complaints collected from Philadelphians.” While the idea began in Finland it has since spawned similar choral groups in Budapest, Montgomery (AL) and elsewhere…brilliant!

Image caption: The Budapest Complaint Choir courtesy Artblog’s Flickrstream.

Tomorrow: Discussing Eternity & Longevity in Art

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