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Faster Pussycat, Link, Link


While the financial sector may be ailing, the wealth of links in the blogosphere suggests the Dow Jones of online life continues to climb.

>> Art Fag City has been leading the coverage of the big “Aesthetic of Terror” controversy that surfaced at the Chelsea Art Museum last week when curator Manon Slome quit—the question is why?…it gets a little complicated, so check out all the info on AFC here, here and here;

>> Art News Blog posts about 10 things they hate about art blogging…some of them I can relate to but I’ve never had an artist ask me to sell their work;

>> Ed Winkleman asks if street art is the new barometer of the art market;

>> C-Monster takes a gander at the Outsiders NY extravaganza which includes works by Faile, Bast, Invader, Blu & others;

>> a piece by Banksy surfaces in Soho, but the blogosphere later discovers that it was executed by an ad company with the Brit’s ok…Public Ad Campaign writes: “To say that a collaboration like this between Street Art and the public advertising world ‘takes the air out of this works impact’ is an understatement.”

….um, does someone smell a sellout?; and

>> Joanne McNeil at Tomorrow Museum juxtaposes some radiant paintings by Dan Witz of women and their portable electronic devices with an intriguing exploration of the question we’ve all been dying to have answered (oh wait, maybe that’s just me), “New Media in Fiction: Will There Ever Be an ‘iPhone Novel?‘”


Image caption: A view of an anonymous performance during this past weekend’s Art Under the Bridge Festival in DUMBO.

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