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Mining Ideas Part 3: From Sketchbook to Installation


After our last two columns focusing on using sketchbooks in the classroom, teachers have been submitting absolutely BEAUTIFUL work inspired by sketching, planning and ideas for teaching about contemporary art.

This week, we are zooming in on the work of Anthony Taylor, a junior studying with Sue Chenoweth at The Metropolitian Arts Institute High School in Phoenix. During a unit investigating installation art and artists that have used industrial materials such as vinyl, Anthony began working in his sketchbook to plan an installation titled, “Quantity Over Quality” in red vinyl. In his own words…

Quantity Over Quality in the American west is a narrative about two fictional brothers running their father’s doomed to fail construction company in the early 1900’s, it’s about the beginning of over-production, and the idea of taking and sharing legacies past from ancestors.”

 Next week, we will share more works by Sue Chenoweth’s students at The Metropolitan High School in Phoenix, and on October 15 we will see some sketchbook examples from Eric Scott’s classes at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, VA.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted images so far. Please feel free to post a comment and continue sharing how you use sketchbooks in the classroom to teach about contemporary art. Much, much more student work to come!

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