Mark Bradford and Hurricane Katrina

Mark Bradford’s post-Katrina ark for New Orleans. Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times. Photo by Lisa Lyons.

Tomorrow, October 11, the Carnegie Museum of Art will host a public conversation between Art21 artist Mark Bradford (Season 4) and 2008 Carnegie International curator, Douglas Fogle. Topics include the artist’s rooftop installation Help Us, which was inspired by the stranded victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The free one-hour program takes place at 4pm in the Carnegie Lecture Hall.

Bradford’s latest project for the U.S. biennial, Prospect.1 New Orleans, was recently featured in the LA Times. Pictured above on the streets of Los Angeles, the “Post-Katrina Ark for New Orleans,” measures in at twenty-two feet high and 64 feet long. The ark will be reassembled in the city’s Ninth Ward, which is located in the easternmost downriver portion of the city–the area hardest hit by the hurricane. Read more about Bradford’s project here.