For the Matthew Barney Fan Who Has Everything


Fansites may be more common for music fans or even authors but artists don’t seem to inspire the same level of adoration (or is it obsession?) that other creative professionals do. Well, then there’s Matthew Barney (Season 1).

The boyfriend of Björk and an art world superstar, Barney has a very dedicated fansite named

The site features a list of Barney exhibitions, Barney-related eBay items, fan art, fan music, fan videos, fan poetry, Barney wallpapers and an active blog that posts regularly about Barney-related news and photos, including a pig roast/black metal concert at his Long Island City studio last August.

All in all, it’s a site that could probably teach Barney himself a thing or two that he didn’t know…well, not consciously anyway. And warning, a few of the fan images may be NSFW.

Coincidentally, the blog has a poll as to which Cremaster is the popular favorite and right now it appears that Cremaster 3 has a very clear lead.