Kara Walker at Irish Museum of Modern Art

Kara Walker, Irish Museum of Modern Art

The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin, Ireland is currently exhibiting In Praise of Shadows, on view from November 5 – January 4, 2009. The exhibition, which is comprised of over 200 items by eight international contemporary artists, will primarily focus on the work of artists Kara Walker (Season Two), William Kentridge and Jockum Nordstrom.

As the title of the exhibition suggests, the work celebrates the use of the shadow. By using drawings, collages, texts, wall installations, film, photographs and stop-motion animation, this exhibition explores shadow theater and silhouettes as they relate to contemporary art practices. One of the works in the show will be the debut of a collaborative video by Kara Walker and William Kentridge, produced in 2004.

Jockum Nordstrom, Irish Museum of Modern Art

After  IMMA, the show will travel to the Benaki Museum in Athens from May to July 2009. Read more about the show here.