New guest blogger: Marc Herbst, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest


Many thanks to Monika Navarro in Boston for her timely turn on the guest blog. Up next is Marc Herbst, an artist and member of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest editorial collective (, along with current editors Robby Herbst and Christina Ulke. Their print and web magazine has been around since 2001 and they just released the sixth print issue this month. Marc, who lives in Los Angeles, has begun or been involved in various media and culture projects including The CalArts Student Newspaper, the Los Angeles Independent Media Center,, several pirate radio stations and activist projects concerning globalization, gentrification, police brutality and environmental issues. As an individual and in collaboratives, his recent projects have been displayed at the 2008 California Biennial and the South London Gallery. Currently he is working through the practical ways that individuals activate their relationships within their cities and actually move towards affecting change.