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Psychedelic at SECCA

Shazia Sikhander, “Pursuit Curve” (2007). Courtesy SECCA.

There is a very interesting film and video exhibition currently up at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Pyschedelic presents animations that are less about products of altered consciousness and more a rediscovery of one’s state of mind. Revisiting the visionary history of the psychedelic experience, the program explores “contemporary applications of a model often dismissed as a drug-induced relic of the 1960s. Using ‘trippy’ aesthetics as a point of both reference and departure, the works in Psychedelic employ fluid imagery and hypnotic color to consider familiar objects, truths and faces in an unfamiliar way.”

The four artists in the show are Carlos Amorales, Jeremy Blake, Louis Cameron and Shahzia Sikander (Season 1).

The exhibition runs through January 4, 2009. For a full program schedule, visit the SECCA website.

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