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Merce Cunningham at Dia: Beacon

Stephanie Berger, “Merce Cunningham Dance Company”. Courtesy NY Times

This does not help you now, but the Merce Cunningham Dance Company performed this past weekend at Dia: Beacon. The fifth in a series of eight signature, site-specific performances titled Beacon Events, the two-night performance employed fourteen dancers who worked their magic around a large L-shaped space, facing a Sol Lewitt sculpture placed on the inner side. Viewers, situated opposite on either sides, were invited to walk around the gallery and experience the  performance from multiple vantage points. Widely regarded as America’s greatest living choreographer, the ever-challenging Cunningham was also a Season 2 guest host.

For further images and a review of what we missed at Dia: Beacon, go to the recent New York Times article by Alastair MaCaulay.

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