Sugimoto + U2

Various album art collage

Word on the street is that one of Hiroshi Sugimoto‘s images will be used as the cover for U2‘s upcoming album No Line on the Horizon, scheduled for release March 3rd.  The Season 3 photographer follows in the footsteps of other Art:21 artists who have also crossed over and “exhibited” their work as album art.  Notable favorites include Raymond Pettibon for Sonic Youth (Goo, 1990), Tim Hawkinson for Beck (Mutations, 1998), and Matthew Barney for Arto Lindsay (The Prize, 1999).

In other news, I dare say that I may be the first and only Art21 blogger to have a weird utensil named after him.

  1. Jack says:

    If certainly fits a “No Line On The Horizon” title.I have always admired Mr. Sugimoto’s work.

  2. Carmel says:

    Looking foward to new U2 w/ the Hiroshi Sujimoto image as the cover…thanks for the info!

  3. Ben Street says:

    What a spectacularly imaginative idea.

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  5. sugimotofan says:

    looks like both taylor deupree and richard Chartier’s cd on L-ne from 2006 and a Brothomstates cd on Warp from 2001!

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  7. pblake says:

    sorry to comment on such an old post, but it seems sugimoto “donated” the photo to U2 – in exchange for the right to use the album’s title song in a future project. not so much “exhibiting” on an album cover as swapping a work for a work sugimoto’s quoted in an interview here

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