What do Art21, NASA, and “The L Word” have in common?

kissing iTunes

We’re all featured podcasts on iTunes! As in, as of yesterday. I’m sure there are other things we have in common…but that’s for the comments section below.

I spent most of the day yesterday rushing to finish titles for our latest batch of 30 Exclusive videos, so new that the artists haven’t even seen them….feeling delirious, depleted, doubtful that anyone’s watching these things anyway. And then this (scroll down).

And so I had an idea. Do you think if we all kissed our computers screens, sometime in the next few days…when we’re feeling the most metaphysically lost and worried about the state of the world…that iTunes will feel it? Go on. No one is looking.

Thanks to all of you out there who’ve been downloading and who’ve helped us break through the proverbial glass ceiling, putting contemporary art and artists on the front page. We’re sure you’re the reason iTunes took notice: 100,000 downloads and counting.

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