BOMB in the Building

BOMB in the Building: Books (and Zombies) Edition!

Since Art21 rotted our little brains with their Audio Visual edition last week, we decided to retaliate with some literary mind-expanding material.

Writers who write a lot.

Hipster Runoff is Tao Lin!! Except, not. The mystery continues to confound the blogosphere.

Richard Price is a PEN/Faulker finalist for his boozy novel, Lush Life.

Literary blogger The Old Hag (Elizabeth Skurnick) has her poetry animated:


The zombie trend takes a bite out of Jane Austen and Elton John jumps on the bandwagon.

Joyce Carol Oates talks about the recent adaptation of Zombie, her novella, into a play here.

On that note, things we WISH would come back from the dead: RIP New Yorker Films!

“Sparks is the best band EVAR and if you’re gonna talk ish then you can’t be my friend anymore!!!” KCRW’s Bookworm conducts an endearing interview with his favorite band.

And lastly, a creepy Sparks video you can annoy your friends with!


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