Name That Season 5 Artist!

Name That Season 5 Artist

We received some great feedback and enthusiasm for Season 5 since the release of the trailer back in April. When that went up, we challenged our audience to name the artists, and a good amount of you responded throughout the Web: on ArtBabble, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

The official Season 5 artist roster will be announced very soon, so we thought we would give you one more chance at guessing the artists. Throughout the week, we are releasing images of works from artists that are featured in Season 5 (without naming the artists, of course).

Images will be posted to Facebook, and we invite you to leave your guesses there, on Twitter, or right here on this very blog post! The answers will follow when the Season 5 artist roster is announced next week.

We have a lot in store leading into the October premiere of Season 5. Needless to say, we are very excited…are you?