New guest blogger: Sharon Butler


Sharon Butler leading a discussion about artmaking, art blogging and world making at Pocket Utopia in Bushwick, January 2009. In July, Butler will resume activities as an Artist-in-Residence at Pocket Utopia. She invites people to stop by and say hello. Photo: Hrag Vartanian.

Thanks to Thomas Micchelli for his thoughtful posts about art and artists old and new. Please follow his pursuits on his own site here.

Up next is Sharon Butler. A painter whose art practice spills beyond traditional studio and gallery situations, Sharon maintains the art blog Two Coats of Paint and is a contributing writer at The Brooklyn Rail. Her work is on view in Status Update, an exhibition about artists and social media at Yale’s Haskin Laboratories through August 1. Since 2000, she has been a faculty member in the Digital Art & Design Program at Eastern Connecticut State University. To learn more about Butler’s projects, please visit her web site at