What's Cookin': The Art21ndex

What’s Cookin at the Art21 Blog: A Weekly Index

Famished for some art? It’s Friday and we’re back with this week’s Index. Do you know what was sizzling here this past week? Put on your thinking caps — there’s no need for utensils. Ready set, go… !

  • What is the U.S.A’s 18th largest city, the home of the first self-serve grocery store (the Piggly Wiggly,) has an ancient sister city in Egypt, and is also the home an interesting spaces to view art? Guest blogger Adrian Duran gives us the low-down on what to check out in the art world of Memphis, TN.
  • What’s in the Yard with Josiah McElheny in downtown Manhattan and Queens? Click here for the answer and other Art21-related news.
  • This curator keeps himself pretty busy as a Senior Program Specialist at the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative, and he’s back in full force as resident writer for the Art21 Blog.
  • What are the different ways art educators can consider avoiding art becoming (simply) wallpaper? Art should not deaden our ability to imagine! Joe Fusaro lends his advice
  • How does one go about making a film of that moment when teachers, students, artists, and the casual viewer are confronted with artists talking about their work, the ideas behind it, and then attempt to DO something with that experience? Jessica Hamlin introduces the Art21 Educator Video with Joe Fusaro in his classroom in Nyack.
  • Louis XIV and a giant floral Puppy Dog? What was Jeff Koons thinking? Wes Miller teases us with a clip from Art21’s Season 5 Fantasy episode and an excerpt from Art21 Season 5 book.
  • Where the heck is Daniel? Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio neighborhoods in Athens? Breeders Gallery? Francois Pinault’s Puntas della Dogana in Venice?
  • For another helping of an Art21 Video Exclusive, see Arturo Herrara’s Assistant Jeff Bechtel describe the process in which he…
  • And last, but certainly not least … it’s Part II of Jonathan Munar’s interview with writer and producer of Second Skin, Victor Pinero. (psssssstt…. hey New Yorkers, the film is premiering this weekend at The Tank.)