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What’s Cookin at the Art21 Blog: A Weekly Index

Sports and art are holding hands. Trong Gia Nguyen takes us to first base with that and other news relating to Art21 artists.

Bruce Willis was a pub rocker, Scarlett Johansson an indie vocalist, and Paul McCartney an abstract painter? Ben Street reflects on cross-over artist Steve McQueen’s addition to the Venice Biennale.

What does the Mütter Museum have to show? Guilty pleasures and the off-beat alike from Daniel Fuller.

No Nukes! Get involved with the art of Lisi Raskin.

Yup, it’s hot. It’s August. And it’s never too late to add to your reference archive. A Marlene Dumas exhibit is a source of inspiration for Joe Fusaro.

Imagine what character you would play? An Xiao whispers her secret. (P.S. –  Cao Fei’s work is awesome, in the most true sense of the word.)

Photography may “feel visually right” but is factually wrong. What does Season 5 artist Florian Maier Aichen have to say about Fantasy?

Hungry for some Green Pink Caviar or how about a visit to Above June Lake? Catherine Wagley finds that Marilyn Minter brings us in while Florian Maier-Aichen pulls away, yet both professionalize fantasy.

The past as noir and domestic spaces in faraway places? Juan Juarez knocks on the door of artist James Casebere and shares the consequent vintage BOMB interview.

Meet Josiah McElheny‘s long time assistant and collaborator Anders Rydstedt in this week’s Exclusive video.

Still hungry? There’s more where that came from. Stay tuned.

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